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Amorcages Recycle Process

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40 Rue De l'annonciation, Paris 75016, France

  1. Introduction

    1. Presentation about Amorcages.

      Amorcages offers information technology and communication support for technical onsite, helpdesk services, IT infrastructure operation and maintenance in France. We are newly established company based in Paris, France. We deal with few clients which help us to provide excellent to our existing end-client and business customers. Our business solutions support programming and designing website, applications for all platforms.

    2. Document Purpose

      The purpose of this document is to provide overview of Amorcages recycle and disposal process for potential client. In particular, Aim is to give top level management view for our clients to understand Amorcages Commitment to customers and the environment GO-GREEN initiatives.

    3. Financial Information

      Amorcages is register in Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce de Paris with capital 1500€ with SIREN 845 212 190 R.C.S. Paris and SEIRT 84521219000019. With activity registration (NAF) Computer Systems and Software Consulting (6202A).

  2. Amorcages Recycling

    1. Environment Commitment

      It is our responsibility to recover used electronics and recycle them properly. By recycling products safely, we protect the health of people and the planet. Amorcages offers a variety of convenient recycling options, allowing customers to safely dispose of their end-of-life computing equipment and, as a result, reduce their environmental footprint.

    2. Amorcages Resale and Resource Recycling Program Services

      Whether Potential Client owns or leases IT equipment, and wants to resell or recycle it, Amorcages offers practical, safe, environmentally friendly solutions that comply with the WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). treat them.

      Entrust us with your old equipment and take advantage of new opportunities When systems reach the end of their life, that is, if they are obsolete or if changes are needed, we can help clients start the cycle again. Some systems need to be replaced. Others can stay in place.

      It is therefore essential to ensure the confidentiality and security of the data (Health, Employee records, data stored on corporate servers and laptops and desktops and private data which should not fall into the wrong hands.) We can help clients dispose of unnecessary equipment in compliance with local regulations and the environment. Amorcages help clients protect client’s confidential data by removing all tags from your equipment. In accordance with NIST SP 800-881, we delete * the data on the device. In the case of non-functional devices, we destroy the disks to prevent data recovery.

      Visit this page to learn how to comply with the European Union's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) guidelines2.

      *Amorcages makes no recommendation regarding the security needs of the customer or the effectiveness of one method of deleting data over another. It is the customer's responsibility to protect the sensitive or confidential information on its hard drives that Amorcages recovers.

    3. Solutions for data security and environmental responsibility

      1. Recycling IT resources

        If Client’s equipment is not eligible for resale, Amorcages recommend that client recycle it. In order to comply with the legal and environmental compliance standards, Amorcages take care of all the logistics to dispose of Client’s used equipment in accordance with local regulations.

      2. Resale of computing resources

        If Client want to resell your old devices, Amorcages ship client systems to our premises and determine their value. Equipment with no residual value is recycled. Regarding the data security of the systems that can be resold, Client can choose to delete the data on-site or off-site.

      3. Lease IT resources

      If Client have rented systems that reach the end of their life, Amorcages can take care of the logistics and the return of client’s equipment to rental company. Client can choose the lease option for activity as below:

      1. Transportation only: Amorcages come to client site and package equipment for shipment to

        client’s rental company.

      2. Offsite data removal: Amorcages come to client site and package equipment for shipment to Amorcages warehouse, where we perform a three-step removal of hard disk drives. Then we clean and test equipment’s. Once client equipment has been processed, we will ship it to rental company.


        1 NIST SP 800-88:

        2 European Union's Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) guidelines: content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex%3A32012L0019

      3. On-site data removal: In addition to packaging and shipping your equipment, Amorcages come to client site and perform a three-step removal of the working hard drives before the equipment leaves client premises.

    4. Free recovery services for consumers up to 20kg boxes (2x)

      Individuals or professionals can take advantage of these free online services to recycle mixed computer equipment or end-of-life mobile equipment (up to 2 cartons). If you have purchased a new from Amorcages system, monitor, printer or mobile device, Client can recycle any manufacturer's brands3

      1. Fill out the online application form.

      2. The collection address is the place where the carrier will collect your computer equipment.

      3. You will receive detailed instructions when requesting the recycling service

      4. We recommend that you follow the shipping instructions that follow to ensure the delivery of your shipment on time and in a proper condition. (You will need to arrange your own cardboard and packing material):

      5. Make sure you have deleted all personal data from your system.

      6. Use strong corrugated boxes. We encourage you to use recycled boxes. Make sure that the condition of the package allows you to ship your equipment in good conditions.

      7. Individually pack fragile material to avoid contact between different parts.

      8. You can recycle up to 20 kg per carton. The PC and monitor should be packed in separate cartons.

      9. Make sure the package contents are safely and securely packed inside. (Make sure the total weight of your shipment meets the requirements indicated in the e-mail you received after subscribing to the program).

      10. Close the cardboard with adhesive.

      11. Remove the old address / shipping labels from the outside of the package.

      12. Clearly write in large type "RECYCLING Amorcages" on the outside of the box.

      13. The carrier will collect the box on the date indicated in the e-mail. Make sure Client on- premises person are present on the day of collection for signature on sign off sheet.

    5. Recycling consumables for printers

      It takes more than 1,000 years for an ink or toner cartridge to degrade in a landfill, does not it make sense to responsibly recycle all of ink and toner cartridges? Whether for single-printer or enterprise- owned consumers, Amorcages offers optimized solutions for customers to responsibly recycle client’s used cartridges.

      1. Preferred option: Prepaid label for ink: If Client need to recycle a large number of ink cartridges, our label solution for ink is perfect. Simply pack a maximum of 300 ink cartridges per box (supplied by yourself), print a label “Amorcages – Recycle Your Company Name – Inks” for each box, and send us the box(es).

      2. Preferred option: Prepaid label for toner: If Client want to recycle more than one toner cartridge, our toner label is an interesting option. Simply pack 20 or more toner cartridges per


        3 Carefully read the Terms and Conditions for conditions.html

        box (provided by you) “Amorcages – Recycle Your Company Name – Tonners”, print the label (s), and send us the box(es).

      3. Prepaid envelope for ink: For small businesses or individuals, our envelope for the ink facilitates the recycling of used cartridges. Ask for an envelope, fill it with 12 maximum cartridges, and send it back by courier y post.

      4. Prepaid label for one toner unit: For toner users who need to recycle occasionally, we propose this option which also recycles the packaging. It is enough for you to deposit your old cartridge toner in the packaging of the new cartridge, to print a label and send us the courier by post.

      5. Free removal of pallets Toner As a large company: If Client recycle cartridges regularly toner, we offer a solution for large quantities, with removal on site. to pack up to 20 cartridges per box (provided by you), with four cartridges per layer, stack three maximum layers, the weight does not not to exceed 150 kilograms. Then you plan a pallet courier for our pickup.

    6. Packaging Waste Disposal

      As an environmentally conscious company, Amorcages complies with French packaging waste requirements by adhering to the Eco-Environment system. The decree of 1 April 1992 stipulates that any person placing on the market packaged products intended for households must contribute to, or take charge of, the disposal of used packaging.

      In collaboration with Eco-Emballages, Amorcages advises clients to go to where they will find help and advice on the entire recycling and disposal process. packaging.

    7. Battery Disposal

In May 1999, the French government signed a decree on the sale and disposal of batteries and accumulators. Through its partnership with Screlec, Amorcages is complying with the requirements of this decree. In collaboration with Screlec, Amorcages advises customers to visit for help and advice on the entire battery recycling and disposal process. and accumulators.

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