Support à distance

Résolution proactive du support du service d'assistance à distance et du support technique. Économiser des coûts ,économiser de l'argent!

Helpdesk remote support

Our remote support service facilitate clients to get quick Tier 1 support for technical troubleshoot. We use different cloud applications to help our client’s end-user. So that Client’s business is never impacted. Our desk agents not only logs the ticket but also ensure to fix errors if remotely possible


Amorcages Remote support uses cloud-based ticket management system to manage and track End-client’s user and troubleshooting. Once ticket is submit it can’t be closed without resolution or user’s feedback.!

how remote security maintained?

Absolutely, we ensure remote access support is secure by all channels:

  • Amorcages Remote support sees only what you see and whatever user permit him / her to see on computer screen.
  • Before Amorcages Remote tech views user’s screen, he or she will first ask user’s permission and request that to close all documents containing private information or confidential.
  • The screen data that is passed between Remote tech and End-user during a session is highly compressed using proprietary technology that can be viewed only two channel way 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.
  • After the session has ended, Amorcages remote support can no longer see user’s screen or access computer unless another explicit request for support.

Why US?

Bilingual Techs

Amorcages tech can communicate in French or English as user's preference. Which is a plus point for business which are multinational based in france.

Rapid Resolution

Amorcages remote team never places ticket pending unless user's action required or Scheduled. Our remote tech if able to fix the issue, ticket close. If not we let user know same day for local hands require to fix issue on-premises.


Pre-approved Remote Access

We offer various method to support remote access to our client as flexibility for security and business environment. We let client IT Management to propose how they prefer to have remote support and pre-approve remote application support. Which means we never support any un-approved installation.

Small-mid scala affordable

Our pricing for remote support is cheaper and fixed depending on number of user license for remote support. Which is suitable for small or mid-size business or home-based user.

Remote and On-premises Support

Amorcages offers remote and On-premises support. End-client with on-premises support if chooses remote support; advantage is cost discount price while taking both options.

Remote Installations

Amorcages remote team plan better ways to keep client's machine remotely upgraded or installation for Applications, Hardware Drivers and Firmware. Save cost on-site visits.

Take your business with mobility solutions

Request demand and our sales team will respond on your interest. We provide free sales agent visit to visit you on your time data.